Movies – Imra'a Hazzat A'rsh Misr

  • 1995
  • -
  • history
  • -
  • 0 minutes

King Farouk finds himself complying with the Orders of the English to appoint Mustafa Al-Nahas as head of the ministry, and during his trip to al-Qassamin he is injured in a collision, and recognizes Dr. Yusuf Rashad and his wife Noha, admires the woman, and follows her to work in the palace as his bridesmaid, trying to prevent the rise socially through the weakness of the king's personality, Especially after the husband is assigned to form the Iron Guard, through which both reckless officer Mustafa Kamal and Officer Anwar Sadat are discovered.

  • RELEASE Year: 1995, Egyptian

  • DIRECTOR : Nader Jalal

  • Writer : Rashad Kamel

  • LANGUAGE : Arabic

  • Category: history

  • CAST : Farouk Al fishawi - Nadia El gendy - Mahmoud hemeda

  • IMDb : 4.5/10

Imra'a Hazzat A'rsh Misr

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