Movies – You're my age.

  • 2004
  • -
  • Romance
  • -
  • 120 minutes

Youssef is a young engineer married and has a six-year-old son, who knows that he has leukemia, refuses to be honest with his small family and goes for treatment alone and there he meets a beautiful, elegant and famous ballerina suffering from the same disease, falls in love with her and falls in love with him as well despite knowing that he is married.

  • RELEASE Year: 2004, Egyptian

  • DIRECTOR : Khaled Youssef

  • Writer : Mohammed Rifaat

  • LANGUAGE : Arabic

  • Category: Romance

  • CAST : Menna Shalaby - Hany Salama - Nelly Kareem

  • IMDb : 0./10

You're my age.

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