Movies – Girls' love

  • 2003
  • -
  • Drama
  • -
  • 120 minutes

After the death of their father, three non-sisters have to live together in one house for a year in order to obtain the inheritance according to the father's will, each of them has a story and is different from the other, (Nada) is a girl of thin feelings and hates loneliness, while (Ghada) is a college student and hates men with the effect of her mother, but (Ruqaya) has lived her whole life in England.

  • RELEASE Year: 2003, Egyptian

  • DIRECTOR : Khaled Al-Hajar

  • Writer : Nihad Abdul Aziz

  • LANGUAGE : Arabic

  • Category: Drama

  • CAST : Hanan Turk - Ashraf Abdul Baki - Hana Shiha - Ahmed Ezz

  • IMDb : 0./10

Girls' love

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