Movies – Groom for Fatima

  • 1984
  • -
  • Drama
  • -
  • 110 minutes

AbdelHamid, owner of the clothing company (Mohammad Reda), has four sons: Farida (Safaa Al-Saba), Leila (Samah Anwar), Fatima (Shirin) and Zinham (Hussein Ibrahim), the boxing champion by chance. Abdelhamid is very harsh on his daughters and thinks about marrying his daughters as he did with his eldest daughter Farida, who he married to Mohsen (Sami al-Adl), when he finds a love letter by mistake addressed to fatma's girlfriend Fathia and thinks it is hers, begins the journey of looking for a groom for her.

  • RELEASE Year: 1984, Egyptian

  • DIRECTOR : Saeed Abdullah

  • Writer : Anis Mansour

  • LANGUAGE : Arabic

  • Category: Drama

  • CAST :

  • IMDb : 0./10

Groom for Fatima

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