Movies – First love

  • 2000
  • -
  • Romance
  • -
  • 100 minutes

Khaled (EVA) shy guy and simple plays the piano and sings in nightclubs, he lives with his two friends and develop good (Hany Ramzy) and Hisham (Tarek Lotfi) women's relationship. Pool accident Khalid Hassan with Rania (Mona Zaki) and fulfillment (Hanan Turk) cousin of Rania who came to stay then, like Khaled and loves good fulfillment, then discovers that Rania like Hisham girlfriend and attached to it while she loves fulfillment Khalid, events in romantic atmosphere between attraction and tighten.

  • RELEASE Year: 2000, Egyptian

  • DIRECTOR : Hamed Saeed

  • Writer : Ahmed Elbeh

  • LANGUAGE : Arabic

  • Category: Romance

  • CAST : Moustafa Amar - Hanan Turk - Mona Zaki - Hany Ramzy - Tariq Lutfi

  • IMDb : 4.3/10

First love

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