Movies – Mozakarat Moraheka

  • 2001
  • -
  • Drama
  • -
  • 105 minutes

Beautiful, daughter of a businessman, imagine a picture perfect boy dreams that Antonio Egypt Queen Cleopatra loved by imagined it was that Queen, coincide and meet him during a school trip to Luxor, that Rauf friend Nancy her roommate at school. Beautiful fall captive to romantic love story recognizes her body to her boyfriend prepared by marriage, but Nancy unmake the successful love story is beautiful, with her beautiful body and in Haytham filmed sexual encounter between beautiful and Rauf. Travels abroad to treat his mother Rauf, Haitham blackmail pretty, when you refuse, Haitham defamed the headmistress of the school sends beautiful video recorded him sexual encounter. Arrange an appointment to meet Nancy's beautiful, they find Haitham, pulls back on track and assaulting her, Rauf lnikzeha and passes them to the hospital. After her miscarriage, required by marriage, but she refuses to leave her and her family.

  • RELEASE Year: 2001, An Egyptian.

  • DIRECTOR : Einas Aldaghedi

  • Writer : Einas Aldaghedi

  • LANGUAGE : Arabic

  • Category: Drama

  • CAST : Hend Sabry - Ahmed Ezz - Mohamed Rajab - Shams

  • IMDb : 3.8/10

Mozakarat Moraheka

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