Movies – Ghbia Manh Fi

  • 2004
  • -
  • Comedy
  • -
  • 90 minutes

A thief is desperate to realize his dream of marrying his sweetheart, whose father gave him one month to prepare the house of marriage, hoping for a robbery with his colleague, but he fails because of his stupidity. The time he accidentally manages to steal a bank locker, Directed to the money of poor children and orphans, feel guilt and guilt, and return and steal the bag of money from the father of his bride to return to the bank, wakes his conscience, and his lover is found.

  • RELEASE Year: 2004,

  • DIRECTOR : Rami Imam

  • Writer : Ahmed Abd Allah

  • LANGUAGE : Arabic

  • Category: Comedy

  • CAST : Hassan Hosni - Hany Ramzy - Nelly Karim

  • IMDb : 6.7/10

Ghbia Manh Fi

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