Movies – Hobbak Nar

  • 2004
  • -
  • Romance
  • -
  • 110 minutes

In the city of Alexandria was living two families are very thirties descend from the origins of the first family Alqasas and the second Zinati family has been between these families great hostility because of greed and love of money was important each family whichever superior to the other has been missing the two families of the basic principles that must be by any person Living in a civilized society and during this conflict comes out of the core of the two families lovers are different morally from the other members of both families, young Karim of Zenithi and young woman safe from the story of the two central characters that talk about the story of Hobb Nar, which equates to the novel novel novelist William Sh Kspir novel Romeo and Juliet by 96% of its events

  • RELEASE Year: 2004, An Egyptian.

  • DIRECTOR : Ihab Radi

  • Writer : William Shakespeare

  • LANGUAGE : Arabic

  • Category: Romance

  • CAST : Moustafa Amar - Ramiz Jalal - Nelly Karim

  • IMDb : 4.4/10

Hobbak Nar

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